MuseomixKids is a children’s Makeathon  making the museum of tomorrow!

17 – 20.10. 2017 Workshop + 21 / 22.10 MuseomixKids Exhibition

8 a.m to 6 p.m ( activities from 9 a.m to 5 p.m)
8 to 12 years old
MuDA Zürich
The camp is sold out! Please drop by during the camp or visit the exhibition!

During the October holiday, kids will have the exciting opportunity to re-think the MuDA! Alongside experts and coaches from various backgrounds (such as programming, coding, animation, curation, print design and gaming), MuseomixKids participants will dive into re-mixing the current MuDA exhibition into a space of their very own!

Through play, learning and experimentation, kids will create a new museum by remixing with classical materials (paper, scissor, film) with new technologies (code, animation, robotics, sound) and get introduced to concepts of design thinking, computer science, prototyping, exhibition design and communication. During the 5-day camp, kids will get inspired by discovering MuDA artist Qubibi and his magical world – empowered by making their own artworks and developing prototypes that will give a new perspective to the exhibition – share the interpretations of their creations by creating their own museum guide!

MuseomixKids is a children’s Hackathon  making the museum of tomorrow!

Don’t miss the opportunity to allow kids to become thinkers and makers whilst applying the core principles of Museomix: collaboration, innovation, the mix of arts and technologies, and the art of “makers”.


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Day 1, the kids who participate in the first MuseomixKids will have to think about their favorite museum. What is a museum for me? That is the question. What do I love in a museum, what do I understand, and what do I want to do? Some “coaches” will help them to think about it. The kids can write all their ideas on the windows outside MuDA. MuDA belongs to them for the next days. Afterwards, groups are formed and Museomix kids begin to create some prototypes. These prototypes express their museum experience, actual exposition or individual works of art.

During this event, there are enough breaks and entertaining activities like “Weareplaylab” for the kids to have fun.

During the 2nd and 3rd day, the “construction” begins in a traditional way with scissors and papers but also with new technologies: play with virtual reality, programming or experimentation of light. Everything is allowed! At any moment, the “MuseomixKids helpers” are ready to obtain some materials or devices.

Friday is the last day of the workshop, it is time to think about the purpose of the exposition and the meaning of the final prototypes. The emphasis in the workshop is on guiding, staging, and conservation. Is there a need of prospectus in the exposition? Do you need a map to know what is in the exposition? How to organize a guided tour? Does the audience need to hear and see?

There are many questions for the kids – and ONLY for the kids – to answer. Eventually, the week full of ups and downs is finished, the prototypes are finalized, and the new exposition displayed.

The Weekend is here, it is time to have a tour at MuDA. During this camp of 5 days, 20 kids rethink the Museum of Digital Art in Zurich. The public can visit and admire the final results during a weekend, October 21st-22nd. The young teams will lead the guided tours between 14:00 and 16:00.

The ending and celebration of MuseomixKids are scheduled on October 22nd, 2017 at 16:00