Museomix – it’s a unique event to experience and share!

Have you heard of Museomix? Did you learn about us during an Aperomix and want to know more? Are you captivated by the concept and would like to contribute, participate, or exchange? You are in exactly the right place!

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PEOPLE Make Museums

A little introduction

Museomix, this is an open community of innovation, culture, and technology enthusiasts who share the desire for a dynamic museum that is connected and interactive. Museomix, it is a gathering of mediators, tinkerers, designers, developers, graphic artists, communicators, artists, writers, scientists and other fans of culture, in the heart of a museum for a creative, intensive and festive 3-day marathon.

They combine the wealth of their ideas, points of view, and savoir-faire and work together in teams to design and construct innovative mediation installations that bring a whole new museum experience to life. Museomix is an international event! Every year in early November participants invest in several museums around the world at the same time. But Museomix is not just an event. Museomix is also a great community that exists year-round and operates thanks to the commitment of many volunteers.

Understanding Museomix

Who is

Museomix, it is a group of multidisciplinary teams that invest in museums to create and develop new prototypes of cultural mediation. These participants combine the wealth of their ideas, points of view, and savoir-faire and work together in teams to design and construct innovative mediation installations that bring the museum to life and give it a buzz.


The selection of participants is done on a registration form. The selection is necessary to create a mix with multidisciplinary teams. This is why we ask each candidate to choose a profile and describe his or her reasons for participating in Museomix.

Become a Museomixer


Museomix also collaborates with many partners: FabLabs, creative companies, universities, hackerspaces, etc. Thanks to these partners, museomixers have access to an extraordinarily innovative toolkit to remix their works, collections, and spaces of their home museum.

Become a Partner

What is Museomix?

Museomix is a community of enthusiasts, as well as an international event lasting three days and two nights in the heart of cultural institutions. The playing field is the museum, its works, and its spaces. The teams must create, in record time, new mediation tools and new approaches to challenge the current museum model and make the museum and/or its collection even more accessible.

Where and when is Museomix?

To bring this unique event to life, every year in early November, communities are created around the world, and they get together in museums to mix them up over three days.
Museomix 2016 dates and participating museums will be published soon! To make sure you don’t miss the announcement and get registered faster, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

Why Museomix?

First and foremost, Museomix is a community of enthusiasts and professionals who want more lively museums, museums that we can engage in dialogue with and interact with – in short, museums of tomorrow.

Museomix Values:

  • Inclusion. Anyone can be a member of the Museomix community; there are no barriers to entry. We appreciate diversity and encourage everyone to participate.
  • Collaboration. We are founded on creative collaboration, an activity that transcends organizations, companies and geography. By working with others, a user becomes a member of a community of practice that’s open to everyone.
  • Sharing. We love free circulation and free sharing of knowledge and expertise. We adopt open licenses, the sharing of resources and ideas, and remixing.
  • Contribution. Community members are encouraged to become active contributors and to enrich shared resources that they find there.

How does Museomix work?

Museomix only functions thanks to a cohesive, motivated and enthusiastic community. There are many of us who invest ourselves in this project, and we are always looking for new members with very diverse backgrounds.
Every year, Museomix looks for cultural institutions or museums that can host the event, because Museomix could not be done without these professional teams, we are motivated and invested in the search for new mediation models. Feel free to contact us for more information.
Museomix also happens thanks to many valuable partners who participate in each event’s success. If you want to help us and provide material support, we are always looking for partners (tech shops, FabLabs, carpentry, assistance in developing spaces, etc.) to solidify and build an environment conducive to Museomix.
Do you want to share your knowledge and expertise? Then feel free to join us at an upcoming aperomix or send us a quick message.

Museomix, how much?

Museomix is funded by public subsidies and the participants themselves, who cover a small part of the costs. But Museomix also has and especially needs private sponsors.
If the concept has convinced you and you’d like to join our approach, please contact us.