Take over the ArtLab building: a new challenge for Museomix

Exactly one year after its inauguration, the EPFL ArtLab will provide the framework for Museomix for a truly creative marathon. From November 10 to 12, participants will imagine and develop new forms of cultural mediation. At the end of the three days, the general public will be invited to try out the prototypes.

At ArtLab, the museum mixers will train their focus on four adjacent spaces: the Montreux Jazz Café, where visitors can watch and listen to all of the festival’s concerts, the Experimental exhibition space, which explores innovative techniques for art installations, and the DataSquare, where EPFL research on big data is presented, and Place Cosandey in front of the building.




For Museomix, which usually works with one or two museums, this will be a new challenge, since ArtLab brings together science and the arts for the general public in one extended space. For EPFL, hosting this year’s Museomix means connecting this space with outside communities even more, strengthening the spirit of sharing and interaction with visitors, and developing prototypes in a very tight timeframe

The museum mixers will be given a mission for each of ArtLab’s three pavilions. For the Montreux Jazz Café, their task will be to make the equipment for listening, browsing and viewing the festival’s archives more interactive and dynamic. In the Art and Sciences Pavilion, which will house an exhibition on interactions between humans and machines, the question of who is really in control will be explored. And in DataSquare the participants will consider whether the truth is to be found elsewhere…

The mixers will also take over Place Cosandey, the outdoor space between the ArtLab building and the Rolex Learning Center.

They will be given the challenge of making the square more vibrant and connecting people with nature.

Finally, a unifying theme – data waves – will link the four spaces.