MuseomixKids experience shared at We Are Museums 2018

We are thrilled to participate to 2018 edition of  We Are Museums in Marrakech with Jehanne Zaki ! We are museums is an international event which connects museums ecosystems to global expertise. On May 8th, Jehanne Zaki  is animating a workshop to present and discuss our experience of MuseomixKids: PROTOTYPING TODAY’S MUSEUM WITH TOMORROW’S VISITOR. Follow #WAM18 on Twitter for a live experience of

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Happy 2018 with the communities Museomix


Pressrelease Museomix@ArtLab 2017

Museomix@EPFL Artlab is finished. Please download the latest informations and the pressrelease in the following here.  


Museomix is spreading around the world

In 2010, the Museomix concept was born in France. It first grew naturally in the French speaking countries like Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium. But then came the more latin countries: Italy and Mexico. At some point the UK was on the radar as well, now their community is dormant. After making some tiny steps toward the German culture in Bern

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Reopening of the Museum for communication Bern

 In 2015 the museum of communication in Bern was host of Museomix. Now after two years of reconstruction it was reopened with a big party. It shows a completly new structure, new ways of mediation and brave insights to contemporary topics. Go and visit it's a great experience! We highly recommend the guided tour for kids! www.mfk.ch


 #myminimuseum - instagram campaign! Snap it up! Post a picture of a tiny collection of private things on instagram with the hashtag of #myminimuseum and win a museums pass or a little instagram book! Enjoy the postings! The campaign is open until 31st of august 2018 – sweepstake will take place on the 20th of september in the FabLab Zürich.

The Museomix Slam

In this short Video, Andreas Dill explains what Museomix is with a Slam.


Musée Historique de Bâle (HMB): l’histoire revisitée

Les museomixeurs remixent avec le HMB le musée d’histoire de la culture le plus important de la région du Rhin supérieur. L’histoire de la ville de Bâle est comptée à travers un voyage dans le temps, depuis les Celtes jusqu’au XXIe siècle. Le trésor de la Cathédrale de Bâle, la Danse macabre de Bâle, les tapisseries médiévales comptent parmi les
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Museomix Nyon : 1 City, 3 museums

Musées de la ville de Nyon : des univers variés à remixer à Nyon Museomix, c’est une occasion pour les trois musées de Nyon, le Musée du Léman, le Musée romain et le Château de Nyon, de développer leur synergie, de renforcer leur mise en réseau. Que ce soient les vestiges romains de Nyon, disséminés dans la ville, la machine
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