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Bring back to life stamps through personalised stamps ! More than a proof of postage, stamps are symbols and langage. They represent important people, monuments or landscapes of a country and remember its history.

User Story

Stampfie Machine

Inspired by theses icons, visitors can make stamps with their face on them in the photo booth. In wanted, they can wear some accessories (crown, moustache, beard, clown’s nose) to look (or not) like these famous people. As participating installation, they’re invited to share their stamp with other visitors and stick them on the wall next to the photo booth.

Manual guide for visitors

  1. Put on an accessory in the box in the box
  2. Stay in front of the screen
  3. Pose for the camera
  4. Push the button in front of you
  5. Take your stamp
  6. Stick your stamp on the wall

Tools and technologies

Machines and technologie(s)
Printer, webcam, LED, computer Mac, Arduino UNO, screen, adhesive paper.

Arduino IDE, Open Frameworks, SketchUp, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Word.

How does it function technically?
The technical functionality of this prototype is aimed by the Open Source softwares Arduino and Open Frameworks.

For Arduino UNO:

  • Button
  • Resistance 10 Kohm
  • Resistance 1,7 Kohm
  • LED Strip (21 led) 5 V. Adafruit (neopixel) SMD500 60 LED/m

Arduino Code and Open Frameworks Code: https://github.com/MuseomixCH/2015-Team-1

Wood, vinyl, LED, Arduino.
Plan, schéma électriques, photos


Stampfie_Museomix 2015_Museum fur kommunikation bern (9)

  • Contenu: Reymond Aude
  • Médiation: Desrues Jean-Christophe
  • Communication: Méndez Guillermo
  • Graphisme: Vellas Saskia
  • Code: Rovescalli Andrea
  • Fabrication: Lorenzo Vanessa
  • Facilitation: Lebo