People make museum


User Story

At the entrance to the museum the visitor gets an «iceberg», a digital object for registration to accompany him through the exhibition. Arriving at an object he is interested in, the visitor touches it with the iceberg to register the object to the digital interior of the iceberg. Following the exhibition he can register x-number of objects. Having finished his journey, the visitor uploads these objects in a pillar or totem in the projection room. This pillar not only presents the chosen objects on the walls but also connects them with other related objects in either the archives or other museums. Through its 3D technique the visitor emerges into the haptic experience of objects otherwise not accessible to the public.

  • In front of an object of his liking the visitor touches the sticker beside the object with his iceberg.
  • He can thus register any number of objects.
  • At the end of his visit he enters the projection room and clicks the iceberg onto the pillar/totem.
  • Through the totem the projection room digitally connects the saved objects of the exhibition to related ones in the depository or other museums and shows it to the visitor in 3D technique.

Tools and technologies


  • Puces RFID (sticker), imprimante 3D, Arduino


  • Liste des matériaux, outillages
  • Acrillique
  • Plan, schéma électriques, photos


Iceburgers_Museomix 2015_Museum fur kommunikation bern (5)

  • Contenu: Valérie Clerc
  • Médiation: Andrea Rüffenach
  • Communication: Carola Androwski
  • Graphic designer: Dario Rodighiero
  • Code: Rhea Salome Sturm
  • Fabrication: Martine Anderfuhren