The Great Escape



People make museum



Intention / Contexte / Volonté de départ

We want to take a different approach on the objects of the museum. Normally, people go into the museum to see the exhibited objects. The only way to escape the museum is when objects are lent to other museums.
Now a new opportunity arises: During the renovation of the exhibition, the museum gives our objects a sabbatical. Their ambition is to meet many new faces and see the world. Their adventures and new impressions get sent via the online travel diary to the museum back at home.

Raison du choix de l’objet ou de l’espace

We chose the escape key, because it has a symbolic meaning. The escape key on the computer is used to break or stop a non working program or to leave a command. In the word sense it is also used for “great escapes”, places that are very different from your daily life but also for getting away from a bad situation.


Scénario utilisateur

During the museomix exhibition on Sunday, 8th of November, first objects will start their travel. Team members of team “light house” will choose persons they trust to give the objects a good start for their journey. The hand-over is documented by foto and will be uploaded on the object’s travel diary. The address of the travel diary is found on the bottom of the object’s showcase box. The task of passing the box on and documenting its journey has to be comunicated directly and orally, from the giving person to the receiving person.
The aim is that the object has as many fun and interesting stories to show on its diary, as well as travelling to places it would have never expected to go to.

Mode d’emploi ou lien vers le mode d’emploi


Tools & technologies

Machines and or technologies used /Machines ou technologie(s) utilisées

We used vector software to draw and change the objects so that they can be 3D-printed. The objects have the right size, shape and feeling to be passed around.
In addition, we produced plexiglass boxes which contain our objects. They facilitate the imprint of a QR code and weblink that guides the interested participant to the webpage of the object.

Principe de fonctionnement

Object is safely stored in a plexiglass box which represents a travelling show case. On the show case, information like the QR code and the weblink is engraved. The URL links to a page which serves as the travel diary.
This “diary” is based on twitter and google maps, where the text and locations get stored. Google maps is used to display the current location of the object. The twitter feed can than be used to display the trip to the other users in the museum after the trip.


  • printing wire
  • plexiglass
  • printed paper
  • wood
  • sticky paper


The Great Escape_Museomix 2015_Museum fur kommunikation bern (19)

  • Contenu: Christian Rohner / Elke Schiwanski
  • Médiation: Claudia Stübi
  • Communication: Philipp Burkard
  • Graphisme: Caroline Bossy
  • Code: Daniel Huf
  • Fabrication: Mariana Rihl
  • UX:
  • Aménagement:
  • Facilitation: Asanda Kaka
  • Code Expert: Geoffroy Perriard